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Veteran filmmaker Blake Edwards has revived the most succesful comedy series of all time by bringing the Pink Panther back to the screen. The loss of Peter Selles, who immortalized the Pink Panther character, left the public wondering if there could possibly be an eighth Pink Panther movie. But the appearance of the Italian mega star, Roberto Benigni as Inspector Closeau's illegitimate son serves not only to avenge the mysterious death of his father, but also to avenge the comic tradition of the Panther.

The capers are at an all-time high as the young Closeau traipses through the countrysides of Monte Carlo, Nice and the Kingdom of Jordan. Throughout the intrepid journey he is accompanied by the classic Pink Panther duo of Herbert Lom and Burt Kwouk reviving the roles of the inveterate Commissioner Dreyfus and the faithful manservant Cato.

Another veteran of the Pink Panther ensemble returning to the scene is composer Henry Mancini. This makes Mancini's eighth collaboration with the Pink Panther and twenty-seventh film with Blake Edwards. Mancini who took time from his ongoing agenda of conducting symphonies around the world and his recent work on VICTOR/VICTORIA THE MUSICAL, returned to stamp his signature trademark theme on his latest Pink Panther movie.

Keeping in step with the contemporary cast and setting on the feature, Mancini and the filmmakers felt the theme needed a more modern arrangement. They brought in Bobby Ferrin who impressed the music world a few years ago with his original a capella sound. McFerrin produced, arranged and performed a 31/2 minute version using his unique vocal style and the rest of his body to create an innovative opening that sets the stage for his soon to be comedy classic.


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