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John Barry's soundtracks have changed forever the music world. He composed the music for Born Free, Dances with Wolves, Out of Africa, Frances, Body Heat and many many more films. But he will be forever connected to the early James Bond soundtracks, the ones that made the franchise a worldwide event, therefore when he made appearances conducting his scores he usually includes a James Bond theme or a medley.
Here is a list of some of those appearances in video, audio or printed format. 
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Last update: December 23th 2008. A Tribute to John Barry
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A View to a Kill (1985) Special Edition Official DVD, one of the Extras is The Music of James Bond Documentary   DVD
The Living Daylights (1987) Special Edition Official DVD, one of the Extras shows Barry conducting the orchestra   DVD
Omnibus: John Barry (2000) TV Broadcast: BBC Special about John Barry        New
Moviola - PBS Special TV Broadcast: PBS Special
Master Class: John Barry TV Broadcast: Interview to John Barry at Yorkshire TV       New
UK TV Interview TV Broadcast: Interview to John Barry and Don Black on 'Brighton Rock'       New
Deadfall Movie: Barry appears conducting
Elizabeth Taylor: A Musical Celebration Official DVD, John Barry conducts the orchestra in a James Bond medley     DVD
Dances with Wolves (1990) Special Edition Official DVD, one of the Extras is the music video      DVD
Out of Africa Official DVD, one of the Extras is an interview with John Barry   DVD


John Barry Concert Official LP - Concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra    Vinyl
John Barry Live in London 1999 Unofficial CD - Live at the Royal Albert Hall in two discs    CD
Fresh Air from WHYY - NPR - August 25, 2004 Radio program - Interview to John Barry about Goldfinger and Thunderball

Printed Material

John Barry: A Life in Music The best book on Barry is soon to be updated. By Geoff Leonard and Gareth Bramley       Book
John Barry: A Sixties Theme By Eddi Fiegel. Revisits the Barry scores from the 60s.       Book

Recommended Websites

John Barry: A Life in Music Although this is an unofficial website, it is THE Website on John Barry's Music. Go there for the latest updates on Barry recordings and also for the release of the best book on Barry's life and works.
King's Conversation An insightful interview of John Barry to Henry Mancini where each have a chance to talk openly about the music film industry and the situations of the film composers - Another great article from the unofficial John Barrry website


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