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John Barry


This is the only official (so far) of a live recording by John Barry. It is a must for all soundtrack lovers.
John Barry conducts The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted, arranged & produced by John Barry
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios
Leader of the Orchestra: Erich Gruenberg who is also
the soloist on 'Mary Queen of Scots'
Music composed by John Barry, except 'James Bond Theme' by Monty Norman, and 'From Russia with Love' by Lionel Bart.
Track Listing

01 - James Bond Suite
- Goldfinger
- James Bond Theme
- From Russia With Love
- Thunderball
- 007
- You Only Live Twice
- On Her Majesty's Secret Service
- Diamonds are Forever
02 - Born Free 
03 - Alice's Adventures Suite
- Curioser and Curioser
- I've Never Been This Far Before
- The Me I Never Knew
04 - Midnight Cowboy
05 - Mary Queen of Scots 
06 - The Adventurer
The Concert John Barry

Liner Notes

    John Barry's name on a cinema screen is almost as familiar as the words "THE END", but that apart, very little has been written about him. There are good reasons for this. He is a reluctant performer. He constantly shuns the spotlight, and a Television or radio appearance by him is as rare as the sight of a oleander tree in Manchester.
    I have known the slender, almost skeletal, frame of John Barry for 12 years as a friend and as his lyricist so, fortunately I can write about him from personal experience.
    Like most extraordinary talents, John is a perfectionist. He starts writing around 6 a.m. It is not unusual, however, for me to visit his Thames side apartment in the late afternoon and see
a mass of blank manuscript paper. Surprisingly, John is delighted with his day's work! The quiet spoken Yorkshireman talks about "textures", "attitudes", "colours" and "broad strokes". You would think you are speaking to a painter rather than a composer. He is a ruthless critic of his own work and he will live alone with each new melody for months before he feels it is worthy of being released. He is exactly the same with lyrics. He savours words like a wine taster, I have never collaborated with anyone who is so sensitive to the delicate wedding of words and music. John's music is in a class of its own and I think the word 'class' sums up John's life style. His apartment is filled with rare antiques that would cause a flurry of hand-raising at Sothebys. His car is the sleek Citroen with the Maserati engine. He frequents only the finest restaurants and could live comfortably on a diet of gull's eggs and grouse!
    This album gives John the chance to use fresh textures and even broader strokes. The result is a truly rich and colorful canvas. Some of his most performed pieces are here but when scored specially for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, another dimension is added. "THE JAMES BOND SUITE" takes on a new size and I am sure will be regarded as a work of major importance. One would think that "BORN FREE", an academy award winning title, was originally written with the RPO in mind. "THE ALICE IN WONDERLAND SUITE", John's latest film, captures all the innocence, discovery and wonderment that Lewis Carroll created over a hundred years ago. John's music for "MIDNIGHT COWBOY" and "MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS" makes us aware of the tremendous contribution he made to these remarkable motion
pictures. "THE ADVENTURER" is unique. It is very rare indeed that a Television theme can stand the scrutinous test of being played by a concert orchestra. This one does.
    John Barry is regarded by the finest composers in the world as a leader, always one thought ahead. If Bond is 007, Barry is 008.

- Don Black


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