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NPR - Bond Theme Composer John Barry. Interview to John Barry about the songs for Goldfinger and Thunderball. And during this interview, he talks all about the music for James Bond movies. See below a list of topics and names mentioned. 
Fresh Air from WHYY, August 25, 2004 - He's best known for his 11 James Bond scores, including Goldfinger, and Thunderball. Barry has won five Oscars, for the song and score of Born Free, and for scores for Lion in Winter, Out of Africa, and Dances with Wolves.
Listen it again at NPR (requires Real Audio)
Goldfinger's Laser SceneSongs played:
- Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey
- Goldfinger - Anthony Newley
- Thunderball - Tom Jones
- Audio clip from movie Goldfinger - laser scene (Goldfinger and Bond)
Show Information:
Radio Program: NPR - Fresh Air from WHYY
Host: Terry Gross
Original broadcast date: March 23, 1999.
Run Time: 21:19 min. 
Topics on the program:
- John Barry talks about Goldfinger, Thunderball and how he created these songs.
- Goldfinger: mentions influence from Mack the Knife, Anthony Newley, Shirley Bassey, Harry Saltzman, Guy Hamilton, Million Dollar Mickey Mouse Music.
- Thunderball: mentions Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Don Black, Tom Jones, why he left.
- Also, about the laser scene in Goldfinger, Sean Connery, changing the style when Connery left, why he owerwrote OHMSS, Pierce Brosnan.  


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