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From Denver To L.A.   -    Warm Summer Rain   -  This Lovely Night

Music by Francis Lai. Lyrics: Hal Shaper. Vocal by Elton John
Released as a US single in 1970

If I say goodbye it'll grieve you
Denver means the whole world to you
Girl it breaks me up just to leave you
But I got things that I gotta do 
Got to take my guitar
With one break I'm a star
Girl I'll love you forever more
But today I've got to make my way
From Denver to L.A. 

Girl I know that you'll make me stay
But today I've got to make my way
From Denver to L.A. 

There's a whole new life to be led there
That's the place that I gotta be
Guys are making mountains of bread there
Reckon it could happen to me 

Lots of guys make the grade
Just one break and I may
And I'll bring it on home 

Music by Francis Lai. Lyrics Hal Shaper

All the tears you're crying and all the pray'rs you pray
They won't bring your love back again.
Now that winter's over and summer's on its way
Thru your window pane see the summer rain.

Winter is a season when any heart could break
But there is no reason your heart should not awake.
Tears can be like raindrops and both can play their part
Cooling down the flame in your heart.

When the winds of winter have melted in your mind
You will learn to love once again.
Gently I will teach you to give your love to me
And my love will be warm as summer rain.

When you feel that life is in vain
Love can come like warm summer rain.

Music by Francis Lai. Lyrics: Hal Shaper

NOTE: This song was included in a songbook and it was credited to this film but it is not featured in the soundtrack.
This lovely night rememb'ring it I will smile
The stars above were part of us for just a while
I never semeed to live at all until you found me
I never dreamed that I would feel your arms around me.

This lonely night and ev'ry kiss we shared 
mean more to me than you could know
I cared more for you than I ever cared 

This lonely night I loved you so
And if we live beyond eternity
No other night will mean as much to me
My heart will sing each time I hold you tight
Remembering this lovely night. 


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