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The Girl from Barcelona   -  The Bulls of Salamanca  -  The Bobo
Imagine  -  The Blue Matador

NOTE: I made the transcriptions of these songs and some parts still require to be filled and some minor corrections too. If you have something to add, please contact me.  Fernando
Her voice is like a song, guitar
the girl from Barcelona.
Her eyes eclipse the evening star
the girl from Barcelona.
Sweet and true though she seems today
chance are she'll run away
but when she's gone
a spell leaves on
no matter where you are
the girl from Barcelona.
The girl from Barcelona.
At the feast of San Isidro
in the cruel month of May
six bulls of Salamanca
were sacrificed that day
and the young girl went beside me
as they drag the bulls away
I said no you can't cry for the bull that die
but save your tears (of the men)
for the boy who fights in his suit top white
must face it all again.
The bull come forth but one time
in the sun of his ride
but the boys remain unaware of him
(and the seal can .... the nail).
She touch my hand and whispers
as she rose to go away
my own true love was killed Seņor
a year ago this day
by the bulls of Salamanca
at the feast of San Isidro
in the cruel month of May.
He's got a list
a list of girls that he kissed
and every girl on the list
couldn't resist that bobo.
He's made a charm
he'll steal teh girl on your arm
he feels the heart with (hand)
using the charm that bobo.
He's ................. her eyes
.............. music everywhere
and those eyes goes with her eyes.
Every girl from here to Lima
plus the one from Ipanema.
Seems (than) again
there's never been such a man
protect your heart if you can
but in the end you'll let go
Never asceint
whatever picture you take.
You'll find that every other girl in Nova
ask yourself he know that bobo. The bobo.
When he smiles .... (her eyes)
Repeat Chorus
Yesterday I met him, imagine
and today he called me, imagine
once to take me dancing, imagine
just imagine these things.
He thinks I am lovely, imagine
once he'll know me better, imagine
when he smiles like full heart has .....
There's must a ...... fascination
there's a so pure intoxication
wild and really
amazed by that faerie
that's real, incredible real.
And he knew I loved him, imagine
knew that once I'd love him, imagine
I'll be his forever, imagine
the joy, the loving it brings, imagine
imagine, just imagine these things.
tears of the lonely blue matador.
This is the song that they sing still this day
song of the ..........
and if we for the heart that he choose to ignore
and if we for the blue matador, the blue matador.


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