Franck Pourcel


Soaring over Beautiful Landscapes

Scenic Video of natural landscapes, with Franck Pourcel arrangements as background music. Laser Disc, Toshiba EMI, Japanese release.



Note: The title is in Japanese, so I might be wrong with the translation of the title. It seems to be: "Ten Shou Bi Kei", so probably "Soaring over Beautiful Aerial Landscapes". Anyone?

~  Thanks to  Dmitry Zhoukov  for providing this information and the cover.
Track Listing:
Tenshobikei1. Dans Les Yeux d'Emile
2. Le Torrent
3. Rod Marton Parade
4. La Mer
5. Easy Come, Easy Go
6. Forever and Ever
7. 60,000 Fast
8. The Last Waltz
9. There's a Kind of Hush
10. Good Morning Starshine
11. C'est Magnifique
12. La Petit Valse
13. Venezuela Suya
14. I Wonder
15. Le Premier Pas