Franck Pourcel


Gals of Majorca Islands

Scenic Video of beautiful models posing at Majorca Islands, with Franck Pourcel arrangements as background music.

~  Thanks to  Dmitry Zhoukov  for providing this information and the cover.

Manufactured and distributed by Toshiba - EMI Ltd., Japan
Video Network Paris - Eagles Company Incorporated, EMI
NTSC, color - Cat. number L080-2018
Year of release: 1986
Running Time: Approx. 43 min

Track Listing:
Franck Pourcel - Gals of Majorca Islands1. Fascination
2. Mon Coeur est un Violon
3. Feeling
4. Summer Place
5. Maria Elena
6. Le Torrent
7. La Vie an Rose
8. Cry me a River
9. Mea Culpa
10. Mona Lisa
11. Copacabana
12. Misty
13. Yesterday Once More
14. Orfeu Negro