Franck Pourcel



Scenic Video of natural landscapes from Hawaii, with Franck Pourcel and Frederic Hard arrangements as background music. Produced by JAL, Japan Air Lines.

Frederic Hard & Orchestra  and  Franck Pourcel Orchestra.
NTSC Color, CLV Stereo, Digital Sound
Planned by Japan Air Lines
Produced by Jet Stream Co. Ltd. Distributed by Toshiba E.M.O. Co. Ltd
Cooperated by Tokyo FM Broadcasting
Running Time: Approx. 29 min

HawaiiTrack Listing:
1. Mister Lonely
2. Akaka no Taki (Akaka's Waterfall)
3. Sail the Summer Winds
4. Blue Hawaii
5. Tafuafuai (Hawaiian War Chant)
6. Bali Hai
7. Hawaiian Wedding Song
8. Spring Song
9. Hawaiian style Paradise
10. Manakula no Tsuki (The Moon of Manakula)
11. Mapuana
12. Maori Farewell Song - Aloha Oe

Franck Pourcel
and his Orchestra only plays on the first track. The rest is played by Frederic Hard & Orchestra.