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This listing was taken from Soundtrack Collector and it is used as a base in order to relate all Mancini recordings. I will be checking and updating this information. For this first part, for most of them there is no recording of the soundtrack and we can find lucky to find at least the theme for these movies. In fact, it wasn't long ago when soundtracks were not attractive to record companies and only after the great success of scores by Henry Mancini and others, that more soundtracks were recorded. This listing includes all TV, movies and Broadway recordings composed by Mr. Henry Mancini.
Note: Mancini connoisseur and big fan, Dan Miles provided with some listings of his own with annotations on the involvement of Mr. Mancini in these movies. Now you will see them in the Comments column. Also some titles has been added, specially from the Early Years. I am checking out some dates, so this listing might change later.       new

"The way I worked with these composers -- they'd come into my office and play the cues on the piano for me. And I liked them or didn't like them. And if I didn't like something, most of the boys squawked. But Hank [Mancini] would never do that . . . He'd pick it up, and come back an hour later. He'd sit down and play something else. I never critized the music itself, just the dramatic application."
--   Joseph Gershenson about the Universal staff composers

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1951 Meet Danny Wilson Music arrangements
1952 Back at the Front Partial Score
  Has Anybody Seen My Gal ? Partial Score
  Horizons West Partial Score
  Lost in Alaska Main Title and partial Score
  Meet Me at the Fair Partial Score
  The Raiders Main Title and partial Score
  Redhead from Wyoming Incidental Music
  Riders of Vengeance Main Title and partial Score
  Sally and Saint Anne Partial Score
  Willie and Joe in Back to the Front Partial Score
1953 Abbot and Costello go to Mars Partial Score
  Abbot and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Incidental Music
  All I Desire Incidental Music
  The All-American Partial Score
  City Beneath the Sea Main Title and partial Score
  Column South Partial Score
  Crazy Frolics Partial Score
  East of Sumatra Partial Score
  Forbidden Incidental Music
  Fun for All Partial Score
  Girls in the Night Main Title and partial Score
  The Golden Blade Incidental Music
  The Great Sioux Uprising Partial Score
  Gunsmoke Incidental Music
  House Party Partial Score
  It Came from Outer Space Partial Score and End Title
       Rerecorded by Symphony of Cracow
  It Happened Every Thursday Main Title and Incidental Music
  Law and Order Main Title and Incidental Music
  Lone Hand Incidental Music
  The Mississippi Gambler Partial Score
  Music on the Double Partial Score
  Roundup of Rhythm Partial Score
  Seminole Incidental Music
  Sky High Partial Score
  Sky Police Incidental Music
  Stand at Apache River Incidental Music
  Take Me to Town Incidental Music
  Tumbleweed Incidental Music
  The Veils of Baghdad Incidental Music
  Walking my Baby Back Home Partial Score and Musical Arrangements
  War Arrow Incidental Music
  World's Most Beautiful Girls Complete Score
1954 Bengal Brigade Partial Score
  Black Horse Canyon Partial Score
  Border River Partial Score
  Brooklyn Goes to Chicago Incidental Music
  Brooklyn Goes to Philadelphia Main Title and partial Score
  Calypso Carnival Partial Score
  Creature from the Black Lagoon Partial Score
       Rerecorded by Symphony of Slovakia
  Dawn at Socorro Partial Score
  Destry Partial Score
  Drums Across the River  Partial Score
  The Far Country Partial Score
  Fireman Save My Child Main Title and most of the score
  Four Guns to the Border Partial Score
  Francis and the Talking Mule Partial Score
  Francis Joins the WACS Partial Score
  Glenn Miller Story Additional Music and Musical Arrangements
  Johhny Dark Partial Score
  Ma and Pa Kettle at Home Partial Score
  Naked Alibi Partial Score
  Playgirl Partial Score
  Rails Into Laramie Partial Score
  Rhythm and Rhyme Partial Score
  Ricochet Romance Partial Score
  Ride Clear of Diablo Partial Score
  Rip Van Winkle Partial Score
  Saskatchewan Partial Score
  So This is Paris Incidental Music and Musical Arrangements          new
       Decca recording, DL 5553 uncredited
  Tanganyka Partial Score
  Yellow Mountain Partial Score
1955 Abbott & Costello Meet Keystone Cops Partial Score
  Abbot and Costello Meet the Mummy Partial Score
  Ain't Misbehaving Partial Score and Musical Arrangements
  Baby Skunks Partial Score
  Benny Goodman Story Additional Music and Musical Arrangements
  Blue Coast Partial Score
  Cult of the Cobra Partial Score
  Dust Eaters Partial Score
  Foxfire Main Title Song   45 rpm, Decca 45-L 8276
  Go South, Amigo Partial Score
  Hawaiian Nights Partial Score
  Keep It Cool Partial Score
  Little Lost Scent Partial Score
  The Man from Bitter Ridge Partial Score
  Man Without a Star Partial Score
  Monkey Shines Partial Score
  One Desire Main Title Song   45 rpm, Decca 45-L 8265
  Paul Hahn Golf Partial Score
  The Private War of Major Benson Main Title and Partial Score   45 rpm and Some Info
  Revenge of the Creature Partial Score
  Road Show Partial Score
  Running Wild Partial Score
  The Second Greatest Sex Partial Score and Musical Arrangements
  Six Bridges to Cross Main Title Song   45 rpm,  Decca 45-L 8065
   Smoke Signal Partial Score
  The Spoilers Partial Score
  The Square Jungle Partial Score
  Swing High, Swing Low Partial Score
  Tarantula Main Title and Partial Score   With Stein, rerecorded
  This Island Earth Partial Score
       Rerecorded by Radio Symphony of Slovakia
  To Hell and Back Partial Score
  Trouble Bruin' Partial Score
  Whatever Goes Up Partial Score with Jeff Chandler, maybe a song
  Winter Carnival Partial Score
  World of Beauty Complete Score
1956 Behind the High Wall Partial Score
  Brooklyn Goes to Davis Partial Score
  Brooklyn Goes to Las Vegas Partial Score
  Brooklyn Goes to Paris Partial Score
  Brooklyn Goes to San Francisco Partial Score
  Congo Crossing Main Title and Partial Score
  Cool and Groovy Partial Score
  The Creature Walks Among Us Main Title and most of the score
       Rerecorded by Dirk Jacobs
  A Day of Fury Partial Score
  Dream Island Partial Score
  Everything But the Truth Main Title and most of the score
  Frances in the Haunted House Partial Score
  Girl Meet Buoy Partial Score
  The Great Man Partial Score
  The Kettles in the Ozarks Partial Score
  Melodies by Martin Partial Score
  Mr. Black Magic Partial Score
  Outside the Law Partial Score
  Queens of Beauty Partial Score
  Rhythm with Rusty Partial Score
  Rock, Pretty Baby Score, many songs and arrangements
       In Early Mancini Works, 45 rpm, and Lyrics
  Showdown at Abilene Partial Score
  Small Wonders Most of the score
  The Toy Tiger Main Title and most of the score   Info
  The Unguarded Moment Partial Score
  Volunteer Fireman Partial Score
  Walk the Pride Land Partial Score
  The World in My Corner Main Title Song and Partial Score   45 rpm, Decca 89580

[1951-1956]    -    [1957-1969]    -    [1970-1979]    -    [1980-1997]


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