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First of all, for the best discussion and place to find information regarding Mr. Mancini's works, go to The Nipper's Place. This is the new forum for Mancini fans, at the same address of the old forum, and you can search for the archives at:  Hank's Place

The Soundtrack Collector - The first place to start a soundtrack research. Includes soundtracks and composer listings like the ones used here from Mr. Mancini.
The Year of Mancini - Henry Mancini Com         New
A Henry Mancini Discography   
Fred West's Mancini Pages   
Henry Mancini Biography   
Henry Mancini - The Collected Recordings  - It is said to be a very complete discography, but it requires you to be a member.
Martinis With Mancini - Radio  -  Online radio

Monstrous Movie Music - Mancini Biography  -  Brief biography 

Mr. Mike's Mancini Miscellany  
Something For Hank's Place   
UCLA Music Library Special Collections   -  The collection consists of music manuscripts, music notes, cue sheets and timing sheets for music composed for motion pictures by Henry Mancini. The collection also includes text and music manuscripts for Mancini's book, Sounds and scores [1962].

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