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Have you ever wanted to share with other fans your Mancini collection, the moment when you became his fan, which songs put you in a special mood, and many other insights that make you a Mancini fan ?

Now is your chance. In this section you will have up to 3 pages to write down your comments and if you don't have the whole idea right now, you can start with some comments and add more later on. You can also include some photos.

The only "required" fields would be your full name (the real one) and a comment on at least one recording or soundtrack. An email address for contact is optional.

You can send your writings to:  this email  with the subject "Mancini Fan".

I won't edit your writings, even the misspelled ones. I will only adjust the content to the website's style.

Also, I am planning a poll to find out which songs match the fan's personality moods.

To start with, I have the following entries:

Peter Gunn | mystery man/woman
Pink Panther | funny, joyful
Moon River | romantic
Sunflower | mellow
The Party | get it on !

If you think any of those entries is not adequate, let me know which ones you will suggest and also, more entries. Well, not much interest on this topic, so this poll is postponed.

Ok, I 'll be waiting for your sending !

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Fernando Higa

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