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There are many film composers, even famous ones that information from them is very hard to find. Some interview here or then, maybe one appearance on TV, or a live performance. Here I will place whatever I have found about these film composers. This section will be devoted to British Film Composers.
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This is a list of the appearances on TV or movies, concerts, interviews, books, article magazines and related material. I am still researching for his works so what you see here is a sample of what would be featured soon. 
If you have something to add or to correct on these pages, please use the email provided at the Contact Me option, thanks!  I am starting these pages and with the help of all fans we can improve the accuracy and extension of these pages.

Last update: October 9th, 2009.  Interview to Richard G. Mitchell
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Doctor Who at the Proms (2008) TV Broadcast - July 2008 concert at RAH with music composed by Murray Gold for the Doctor Who TV Series
Doctor Who - A Celebration (2006) TV Broadcast - December 2006 concert in Cardiff with music composed by Murray Gold for the Ninth and Tenth Doctor Who Series
Doctor Who Confidential - Christmas Special - Music and Monsters (2006) TV Broadcast - Behind the Scenes of the concert in Cardiff


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Interview to Richard G. Mitchell By John Mansell
Interview to Richard G. Mitchell By Ian Roberts      New


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