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The Dualdisc release of this Bacharach CD has the usual tracks on the CD side and a 20 minute interview on the DVD side. This interview was included in the VH1 Special Presentation, along with old video clips.
Dualdisc Information:
Label: Sony BMG
Release Date: 2005
Discs: 1 (2-sided disc)
DVD side is in PAL format
Track Listings:

01 - Please Explain
02 - Where Did it Go?
03 - In Our Time (instrumental) featuring Chris Botti 
04 - Who Are These People? featuring Elvis Costello
05 - Is Love Enough?
06 - Can't Give it Up
07 - Go Ask Shakespeare featuring Rufus Wainwright
08 - Dreams featuring Chris Botti
09 - Danger (instrumental)
10 - Fade Away (instrumental)
11 - Always Taking Aim
At this Time

At this Time
At this Time
At this Time
At this Time
Burt Bacharach Interview


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