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Welcome to the Information Area. Select any of the Film Composer's names and you will be presented with a listing of Videos, Audio and Printed Materials. And where available, more information on each item. Please note that I don't have most of these items, I only list them as a resource for my own searches and they come from different sources. Therefore, I don't claim a 100% accuracy on this information, and will correct any part of the information when supplied with a correction. Take this as a stop on your search, and hope this will help you find more information about your favorite film composer.


Last update:  May 19th, 2012 - Burt Bacharach
This is the list of composers that feature their own section. Additional information will be grouped according to country or area, and placed at the bottom of this list.
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  Last Update
Burt Bacharach May 19, 2012
John Barry April 21, 2006
Don Davis Nov 24, 2005
Danny Elfman October 30, 2007
Jerry Goldsmith Nov 24, 2005
Bernard Herrmann October 30, 2007
Joe Hisaishi February 7th, 2010
James Horner April 13, 2006
Maurice Jarre Sep 4, 2005
Michael Kamen Mar 25, 2005
Erich Korngold October 30, 2007
Francis Lai March 27, 2009
February 7th, 2010
Henry Mancini August 31, 2009
Ennio Morricone February 4th, 2010
Stu Phillips Apr 26, 2005
Basil Poledouris February 7th, 2010
Lalo Schifrin Jan 17, 2006
Howard Shore April 15, 2006
Mikael Tariderviev May 26, 2006
Vangelis April 15, 2006
John Williams July 27th, 2010
Gabriel Yared October 30, 2007


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British Composers July 5, 2009
French Composers April 22, 2006
Italian Composers April 8, 2007
Other Japanese composers April 22, 2006
April 22, 2006
Specials - Several composers Mar 20, 2005

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