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American Golden Memories

This is an official Laser Disc of Billy Vaughn Orchestra. The only one I'd heard of. It seems that there is a DVD release too.

Manufactured in Japan, coded as SM065-3379
Laser Disc, Digital Audio, stereo, CLV, CX noise reduction, single disc, NTSC
Running Time: 53mins

Track Listing:
1. Sail Along, Silv'ry Moon
2. Opus One
3. Mr. Sandman
4. Harbor Lights, Red Sails in the Sunset
5. Wheels
6. Elks Parade
7. Little Brown Jug
8. Moonlight Serenade
9. String of Pearls
10. Nancy
11. The Bell-Song
12. Tiny Bubbles
13. Pearly Shells
14. Blue Hawaii, My Tane, Hawaiian Wedding Song
15. Jambalaya
16. Strike up the Band, Sail Along, Silv'ry Moon