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101 Strings - Ocean Wind

This is an official Laser Disc with music by 101 Strings and scenic shots of Hawaiian Islands. Only Side A.

101 Strings - Ocean WindInformation:
Printed in Japan, TELD-45004, Stereo
Collection No. 4 - North Shore - Waikiki - Ala Monna, from Teichiku Gallery
Music by 101 Strings

Track Listing:
1. Hawaiian Magic (Huckridge-Sherman)
2. Rolling Home (Arr: E.L. Jefe)
3. Hano Hano (Arr: Kleiber)
4. Shipboard Romance (J.F. Kuhn)
5. A Taste of Soul (Les Baxter)
6. On Silver Waves (J.F. Kuhn)
7. Torchlight (J.F. Kuhn)
8. Aloha Oe (Arr: E.L. Jefe)