Paul Mauriat


TV program from Japanese TV (Fuji) about trivia questions. This time about the origin of using the music of 'El Bimbo' as arranged by Paul Mauriat by the Japanese on magic tricks. No new appearance of Mauriat here, but the story is very entertaining. Also, the TV commercial for Merushian wine is a bit different from the other one displayed here.

~ Thanks to the help of my friend  Hsieh Chih-Chien  for supplying this information.

Release Information:
TV program from Fuji TV, Japan. 
Running time: The segment is about 20 minutes


Tokudane - El Bimbo
Tokudane from Fuji TV

Show description:
- The person who did the report, starts a magic trick but had a cold reception. She says that something was missing: the music.
- She asks Japanese people (some a bit drunken) to do a magic act with some music.
- 19 out of 21 of them did the music of El Bimbo: Charararara....
- Then start some information about the song, recorded in 1975 by Mauriat, visiting an amateur magician at his work and he carries a cassette tape of Paul Mauriat with him.
- She visits a couple of children who do magic tricks and they use some other kind of music and they never heard of El Bimbo...
- After this setback, she interviews Magi and he does some tricks with El Bimbo on the background. He says that he didn't use the music first.
- Probably this magician: Shoukoku Sumie. Next, we see her at her old age still doing some magic acts at a theatre. And there is some footage of her in black and white, and then in color where she uses the theme. She explains that she was looking for a song for her magic trick where she does some tricks with flowers and she heard El Bimbo on the radio and she knew that's what it!
- The reporter shows a graph from 75 to 77 about the popularity of the song. And it shows a peak on 77. What happened on that year?
- This happened! Paul Mauriat did a commercial for Merushian wine with the music of El Bimbo.
- Some footage from concerts with Paul Mauriat and his orchestra performing El Bimbo.


Tokudane - El Bimbo
The hosts of the show
Tokudane - El Bimbo
Japanese man doing a magic act with 'Chararara' music
Tokudane - El Bimbo
Information about the song, recorded in 1975 by Mauriat
Tokudane - El Bimbo
Magi doing some tricks with El Bimbo on the background
Tokudane - El Bimbo
Shoukoku Sumie doing some magic acts
Tokudane - El Bimbo
Mauriat commercial for Merushian wine
Tokudane - El Bimbo
Mauriat and orchestra playing El Bimbo
Tokudane - El Bimbo
Graph showing the increase in popularity since the commercial in '77