Paul Mauriat

Paul Mauriat in Moscow - Concert 1978

This was a Russian TV Special with a concert of Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra in Moscow, 1978. It runs about 20 minutes. For each track there is a Russian woman with a voiceover, I guess with the title of each song.


~ Thanks to the help of my friend   José Peñaloza  for supplying this information.

Paul MauriatTrack Listing:
1 - Introduction
2 - Minuetto
3 - Pulstar
4 - Toccata
5 - Penelope
6 - El Bimbo
7 - Toccata - A mime acts like playing a piano with the music of Toccata and interleaving with scenes of a concert of Mauriat playing that theme from a different concert as this one.


Mauriat in Moscow 1978