Paul Mauriat

French Pops

TV documentary from Japanese TV about French actors, singers and musicians. Interviews in Japanese or French dubbed or with subtitles in Japanese, with small parts of music clips. The segment on Paul Mauriat finds him revisiting his old home, school and conservatory of Music in Marseille.

Thanks to the help of my friend  Hsieh Chih-Chien  for supplying this information.


Release Information:
TV Special in Japan.  Paul Mauriat  appears in segment 13.
Broadcasted on NHK BS-2.
Running time: The whole program is about 2 hours, but the segment on Mauriat is only of 5 minutes, but well worth it!


French Pops

Track Listing:
Paul Mauriat1. Introduction
2. Francoise Hardy
3. France Gall
4. Claude Francois
5. Sheila
6. Johnny Hallyday
7. Sylvie Vartan
8. Un Homme et une Femme (F.Lai, P.Barouh, C.Lelouch, N.Croisille)
9. Vendee - Pierre Barouh
10. Brigitte Bardot
11. Salvatore Adamo
12. Claude Ciari
13. Paul Mauriat
14. Enrico Macias and Juliette Greco
15. Daniele Vidal
16. Chanson
17. La Muse et le Genie (Serge Gainsbourg and female performers: Anna Karina, B.Bardot, C.Denueve, Jane Birkin, Sylvie Vartan)

Paul Mauriat
Is this his old home?
Paul Mauriat
Hey, is that his seat at school?

Paul Mauriat
Conservatory of Music of Marseille
Paul Mauriat
Mauriat plays at the piano at the Conservatory