Paul Mauriat

30th Anniversary Concert

This is the broadcasted version of the 30th Anniversary concert with a more extended track listing and interviews than the official Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra DVD.
~ Thanks to the help of my friend  Hsieh Chih-Chien  for supplying this information.


30th Anniversary

Release Information:
Recorded live on February 11, 12, 1996 at Showa, Women's University - Hitomi Memorial Hall
A Kambara Music Corporation Production for WOWOW
Jean Bernard - Piano
Myriam Lafargue - Accordion
Running Time: Approx. 1:50 min.

Track Listing:
30th Anniversary Concert1. Building the Groove
2. Nocturne
3. Angelic Demon   *
4. I will always love you (Theme from "The Bodyguard")
5. Alexander's Ragtime Band
6. To C&A
7. Yah Yah Yah
8. Agora   *
9. Menuetto
10. Manha do Carnaval
11. Sabre Dance   *
12. Autumn Ballad   *
13. Don-Rhapsodie Nr. 2
14. Cerisiers Roses et Pommiers Blancs (If you go away)
15. Comme d'habitude (My Way)
16. Gipsy
17. Clarinet Quintet in A Major, 1st Movement Mozart   *
18. Penelope
19. Quartet for Kobe   *
20. Clap Clap
21. Love is Blue   *
22. El Bimbo
23. Bows
24. Hungarian Dance No.5
25. El Bimbo (reprise)   *
    *     Includes a brief interview to Paul Mauriat


30th Anniversary