Paul Mauriat

Dj Vu

This is not a typical Scenic Footage Video, it is more like a mute film with a love story and music played by Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra. Of course there are landscapes from beaches, streets, and other places but there is (mostly) one of this two lovers in the picture. Laser Disc edition, although unofficial DVD transfers are also available.

~  Thanks to  Julio Portella  for providing these screenshots.

Release Information:
Made by VideoArts of Japan, VAL-3804, Cinemage, 1984
LaserVision, CX, Digital Sound, NTSC, CLV, Stereo/Color
Running Time: 44 min

Track Listing:
Deja Vu1. Baroque Cantabile
2. The Seven Seas
3. Le Piano Sur La Vague
4. Love is Blue
5. Last Summer Day
6. Sunset Opening
7. Desert de Neige
8. Romantic Laser
9. Staccato
10. Piano Star
11. Nocturne
12. Domino

The music starts after 1:30 minutes of the beginning of the film. This is a story of a summer love, encounters and Deja V. The most idyllic scenes are on Love is Blue, but soon it is over. The film finishes with Nocturne. Domino are closing credits with a pantomine doing his routine in a street.

Deja VuActors:
Female: Karen Lynn Dahl
Male: Laurent Hennequin
Pantomime: Titus Kohler
Accordionist: Pierot La Rose
Chauffeur: Pierre Dourdin
Other Credits:
Directed by: Kazufumi Ooki
Director of Photography: Masanobu Seibe
Music: Paul Mauriat

More Credits:
Deja Vu
Assistant Director: Mototsugu Kawai
Assistant Cameraman: Taku MUrakami
Stylist: Miyuki Tashiro
Assistant Stylist: Mayumi Sudo
Makeup Artist: Sylvie Lonchamp
Casting: Chika Mogi
Sound Effect: Takahijo Kanamaru
Editor: Naoyasu Miura
Coordinator: Jean Albert Lievre / Yoshio Kobayashi (GIPO)
Fashion Adviser: Katsumi Fujino / Mariko Takeuchi
Costume: Jhane Barnes / Crizma Tellus Chaussures de Luxe
Special Thanks to Valentin Coupeau
Executive Producer: Hisao Ebine