Paul Mauriat

Classical Elegance - Singles II

This is a Scenic Footage Video, with music played by Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra. Checking the track listing, it is a subset from the Classical Elegance release, but can't tell for sure if the shots or the arrangements are the same.

~  Thanks to  Dmitry Zhoukov  for providing the information and cover.

Release Information:
Manufactured by VideoArts Japan, Inc., VAL-3091, 1989
Laser Disc, CLV Stereo/Color, NTSC, CLV
Running Time: 18 min.

Track Listing:
Classical Elegance - Singles 21. La Traviata (Verdi / arr. P. Mauriat)
2. Canon (Pachelbel / arr. P. Mauriat)
3. Symphony No.9 "Choral" (Beethoven / arr. P. Mauriat)
4. Liebestraum No. 3 (Liszt / arr. P. Mauriat)
5. Prelude in C (J.S. Bach / arr. P. Mauriat)
The Paul Mauriat Orchestra performance at Kosei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo

Featuring: Corinne Tell
Produced by: Valentin Coupeau for Val Productions
Editing Director: Masa Yamamoto
Coordination: Mack Imamura
Cameraman: Ryuzo Akiyama, Euro
Special Thanks to Mike Nakamura at
Jacket Design: Yukimasa Kagi