Paul Mauriat

Classical Elegance

This is another live performance of classical pieces by Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra in Japan and it is one of those concerts that has been appearing in different formats and from different sellers. There are Japanese, American, Taiwanese and other releases.

Release Information:
1986 Val Production
Music arranged and conducted by Paul Mauriat from "Classics in the Air" album (courtesy of Phonogram)
The Paul Mauriat Orchestra performance at Kosei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo
Featuring Corinne Tell
Produced by Valentin Coupeau for Val productions
Running Time: 48 min

Track Listing:
Classical Elegance1. Toccata & Fugue in D Minor (Bach /Arr. Mauriat)
2. La Traviata Prelude (Verdi / Arr. Mauriat)
3. Canon (Pachelbel / Arr. Mauriat)
4. Symphony No. 40 Minuet (Mozart / Arr. Mauriat)
5. La Gazza Ladra Overture (Rossini / Arr. Mauriat)
6. Moonlight Sonata Adagio (Beethoven / Arr. Mauriat)
7. Symphony No. 9 Chorale (Beethoven / Arr. Mauriat)
8. The Barber of Seville Overture (Rossini / Arr. Mauriat)
9. Liebestraum No. 3 (Liszt / Arr. Mauriat)
10. Prelude in C (Bach / Arr. Mauriat)
11. Pathetique Sonata Adagio (Beethoven / Arr. Mauriat)
12. Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Brahms / Arr. Mauriat)

Track 2 - Canon has a sequence of a woman inside a room watching in the TV the orchestra playing and then goes to the live performance.
Track 3 - Symphony 40 has a  sequence of a woman on a helicopter, around a castle for a long time and then the orchestra plays live.

Classical Elegance MenuCredits:
Editing Director - Masa Yamamoto
Coordination - Mack Imamura
Cameraman - Ryuzo Akiyama.
Special Thanks to Mike Nakamura at Kyodo Promotion
1986 Val Productions