Paul Mauriat

30th Anniversary Concert

This is a live performance of Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra for the 30th Anniversary, in VHS and DVD format.

Release Information:
Recorded live on stage at the Hitomi Kinen Kodo, Tokyo, February 1996
Produced by Valentin Coupeau for Val Productions
Pony Canyon PVCP-52 007 - VHS Japanese edition, there is also a Brazilian DVD among other releases
Audio: 2.0 DD, 5.1 DD
Running Time: 55:32 min.

Track Listing:
30th Anniversary Concert1. Building the Groove (P. Mauriat)
2. Nocturne (P. Mauriat)
3. Angelic Demon (P. Mauriat)
4. Toccata (P. Mauriat)
5. Yah Yah Yah (R. Aska)
6. Manha do Carnaval (A. Maria / L. Bonfa)
7. Sabre Dance (Khachaturian)
8. Autumn Ballad (P. Mauriat)
9. Gipsy (P. Mauriat)
10. Penelope (A. Alguero)
11. Love is Blue (A. Popp / P. Coar)
12. El Bimbo (C. Morgan)
13. Bows (P. Mauriat)
14. Hungarian Dance (Brahms / Arr. P. Mauriat)

The DVD release has two Extras: Discography and Biography. Not very extensive, about 2 pages each.


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