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Mantovani Show VHS/DVD

Mantovani - Musical Varities VHSThis is a special video with 3 episodes of the Mantovani Show, that was broadcasted in 1958 and 1959. This video has been released as part of the celebration for the 100th anniversary of his birthday (in 2005).


For screenshots of these TV Shows: Music of the Waltz, Musical Holidays and Musical Varieties
Format: NTSC
Host: John Conte
Location: Associated British Studios, near London
Executive director: Duke Goldstone Producer: Harry Alan Towers
Running Time: Approx. 86 minutes
Track Listing:
EPISODE - Music Of The Waltz
- Belle of the Ball
- It Happened In Old Monterey
- Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
- Waltz of My Heart
- Schon Rosmarin
- Acceleration Waltz
- Emperor's Waltz
Guest: Adele Leigh
Guests: Paul & Peta Page

EPISODE - Musical Holidays
- Wonderful Copenhagen
- Teddy Bears’ Picnic
- I Love Paris
- Blau Himmel or Blue Sky
- Holiday For Strings
- San Trope
- Scottish Rhapsody
Guest: Petula Clark


EPISODE - Musical Varieties
- Perpetuum Mobile
- Edelma
- Yellow Bird
- Oh Mama Mama
- The Road To Ballingarry
- ‘S Wonderful
- Skyscraper Fantasy
Guests: Talbot Brothers
Guest: Edmund Hockridge