Ray Conniff


Un Día en la Vida de Ray Conniff 1980

Ray Conniff - Un Dia en la Vida de Ray ConniffRay Conniff in a TV special for the Mexican TV. The whole show is in Spanish with a narrator telling us about a day in Ray Conniff's life: spending time with his family, making the arrangements at his library, and making the recording at the music studio with the chorus and part of the orchestra.


~ Thanks to the help of   Manfred Thoenicke  for supplying the information.

Release Information:
1980 Mexican TV
Guests: Roberto Carlos, Julio Iglesias
Narrator: Nestor Cabel
Running Time: 24 min



Transcription of the program and translation from Spanish:

The narrator comments:
"Hollywood, city where dreams are webbed, idols are created, and names are born that become legends.
Synonymous of this great truth are the hills from Beverly Hills.
Living there means triumph, fame. The residences of the stars are located on this side of these hills.
Some of the mansions as well as their owners are extravagant and flashy, bursting with opulence,
others, cozy, warm, wrapped in a familiar environment, and is to one of these warm homes of Hollywood,
that we want to invite you so you can share with us One Day in the Life of Ray Conniff."


Ray Conniff - Un Dia en la Vida de Ray Conniff


"This is Vera, his wife. And Tamara, his little daughter,
happy because is her last day at school.
And with her parent's promise to go out for vacations the next week.
Ray Conniff, one of the greats of modern music.
A music style that captivates millions and millions all over the world.
Ray Conniff, a creative talent in our century. Ray Conniff, a legend."


Ray Conniff


"1979 - Festival de Viña del Mar, Chile. (performing Hello Dolly)
A warm sample of what Ray Conniff means to the people of Latin America,
where he remains one of the more important American artists."


Ray Conniff at Viña del Mar 1979 - Hello Dolly


(performing 'Una Paloma Blanca')

"But Viña del Mar belongs to the past. Ray Conniff works for the future!"


"Ray Conniff, disciplined and enthusiastic, spend the first hours of the day in the studio of his library.
Surrounded by important trophies. Prizes which the world recognizes his musical genius.
Like this coveted crystal trophy. It's his small morning universe. His regular appointment with the inspiration.
New ideas embrace him, a new musical project, tiring hours of rehearsals and recordings.
Attention to detail for selecting the repertoire where popular songs in America like 'Hey', 'El Día que me Quieras',
'Ansiedad', 'Chiquitita', 'El Pájaro Chahui', acquire with the Ray Conniff's touch the classical category.
And one of these popular classics would be the song that served as the hymn
for the Pope John Paul II in his recent pilgrimage to Mexico and Brazil.
The song 'Amigo' composed by Roberto Carlos with greatness, simplicity and nobility."

Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos comments:
"The song 'Amigo' has always brought many joys. First, the joy of sing about the friendship,
to talk about friendship, to make a song to a friend. My friend, Erasmo Carlos.
Later, the great joy, the emotion to see the children sing this song in Mexico, in Brazil too to the Pope.
That was a great emotion. Something very important for me, in my heart.
And now because Ray Conniff records the song, that is also a great joy for me too."

Ray Conniff - With Chorus performing Amigo
(video with the arrangement of 'Amigo')

"If it's beautiful to sing to the friendship, even more is the gift
to create something beautiful with a paternal sentiment.
The happy Tamara is a source of inspiration for his father.
A constant remembering of happy times."

Ray and Tamara Conniff
(video of Ray and his daughter - arrangement of 'Chiquitita')

"In spite of the countless hours that Ray Conniff spent in his recording studio,
at noon he always spent some time to talk to his wife or simply answering telephone calls.
One idea is following him for quite some time, and before leaving to downtown for a new recording session,
returns to his small shelter and searching among his old records,
one Carlos Gardel song has seduced him to record it in the distinctive Conniff style."

(Ray plays the record on the turntable, hearing Carlos Gardel singing 'Caminito').

Ray Conniff - Caminito
(Ray daydreaming - arrangement of 'Caminito')

"His imagination has flown away. And so, the time. He has to return to the studio.
A fast see-you-later and to fly."

(Ray in his car - arrangement of 'Ansiedad').

Ray Conniff at the studio recording

Ray Conniff and Chorus - Bikina
(in the studio recording and video of 'Bikina').

"Steve, let's see the last tape we did of 'Pajaro'."

Ray Conniff and Julio Iglesias
(Julio Iglesias appears at the door)

Julio: One hour for the whole studio. How are you doing?
Ray: It's good to see you again.

Julio: You are in good shape. Young, thin.
Ray: You too.
Julio: The thing I do the whole day is eating.

Ray: Tell me, what are you doing here in Los Angeles?
Julio: I came to visit you. You promised me that you will record a number of my songs
but you haven't done none of these songs so far.
Ray: Aja. I have a surprise for you. Sit down and don't move.

Ray: Mike bring the kids in. You know the song we're going to play right?

Ray Conniff and Chorus - Hey
(in the studio performing 'Hey' with the band and chorus)

Ray Conniff and Chorus - Hey

(Ray at home with his daughter)

Julio Iglesias: "Hello friends, now we have to thank you for spending
a whole day with all of us in the life of Ray Conniff."

Roberto Carlos: "Many thanks for spending one day with Ray Conniff."

Ray Conniff: "Thank you friends, thank you for joining me in a Latin day in my life."

Ray Conniff and Chorus - Hey