This is a list of TV shows where Frank DeVol wrote the theme and/or the episodic music. Unfortunately, only a couple of them are available in official releases, but some of these themes can be found on  Mark Little's MyThemes.TV  website. An incredible source for all TV Themes!


 + A Date With the Angels (1957-1958) - Situation Comedy, ABC
 + America 2-Night (1978) - Second season of Fernwood - Parody Talk Show - DeVol wrote the music and appeared as Happy Kyne
 + The Brady Bunch (from 1969 to 1973)  - Situation Comedy, ABC
Theme written by Frank DeVol and Sherwood Schwartz.
The theme appeared in the following Brady Bunch-related recordings:
- It's a Sunshine Day
- The Kids from the Brady Bunch
- Meet the Brady Bunch
- Christmas with the Brady Bunch
- The Brady Bunch Phonographic Album
There were also two movies and it was included in many compilations, here are some of them:
- TV Land Presents: Favorite TV Theme Songs - (track 17)
- Television's Greatest Hits, Vol.2: From the 50's and 60's - (track 26)
- TV Guide: 50 All Time Favorite Themes - (track 19) - rerecordings
 + The Delphi Bureau   (1972-1973)  Drama, Crime, ABC
 + Family Affair  (from 1966 to 1971) - Situation Comedy, CBS
 + Fernwood 2-Night   (1977-1978)  Parody Talk Show
DeVol wrote the music and appeared as the character Happy Kyne
 + Highcliffe Manor   (1979)  Situation Comedy, NBC
Theme written by DeVol, episodic music by Bob Alberti
 + My Three Sons   (from 1960 to 1972) - Situation Comedy, ABC/CBS
The theme can be found in the following recordings:
- Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: From the 50's and 60's (track 21)
- CBS: The First 50 Years (track 23)
- Route 66/More Hit TV Themes by Nelson Riddle (track 05)
- Hey! Look What I Found Vol 5 by Laurence Welk (track 09)
- Vintage Instrumentals, Vol. 6 by Bob Moore (track 04)
 + Richard Diamond, Private Detective (1957-1958) - series composer for 1st & 2nd season theme. For the 3rd season in CBS and 4th season in NBC, Pete Rugolo composed the theme - Detective Drama, CBS
There is a CD by Buddy Murrow playing several detective themes, and there appears Richard Diamond, but I don't know if this is the DeVol or the Rugolo theme. If anyone can give me some information on this, please send me a note.
- Impact/Double Impact by Buddy Murrow (track 04)
  Episodic music but not the theme
 + The Love Boat  (1976)   DeVol wrote the music for some episode
 + To Rome With Love   (1969-1971)  Situation Comedy, ABC. Theme written by Livingston and Evans


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