Music Composed and Directed by  Frank DeVol.
Music Coordinator:   "By" Dunham

Released by NAS946 Monaural, there is a stereo version too.

Liner Notes  from the Album.

01 Main Title & Katherine Theme (F. DeVol) (3:25)
02 Hurry Up Hoedown (F. DeVol) (2:03)
03 The Other Woman (F. DeVol) (2:31)
04 Rowdayoh (F. DeVol) (1:57)
05 Run Katie Run (F. DeVol) (2:22)
06 McLintock's Theme (B. Dunham - F. DeVol) (1:53)
  sung by Pat Wayne & Stephanie Powers & Jerry Van Dyke
07 The Young (F. DeVol) (1:57)
08 The Lover's Waltz (B. Dunham) (2:10)
09 Just Right For Me (B. Dunham) (1:59)
  sung by Stephanie Powers & Jerry Van Dyke
10 Red Garters (F. DeVol) (2:10)
11 The Cakewalk (B. Dunham) (1:59)


Liner Notes
In the late '20s, sound revolutionized the motion picture - first the stars talking, then singing, and gradually background music became paramount in assisting the Director to enrich and vitalize the story being filmed.
Today, the composer-conductor entrusted with creating the musical score for a picture is screened as carefully for his assignment as the Star or the Director. And so, when selecting a composer for "McLINTOCK" - a fast moving, action-packed, comedy, played against a Western background, it was just logic that lead us to Frank DeVol. Actor, comedian, musician, his many-faceted talents blended perfectly with the juxtapositioned hi-jinks of our script.
After you see the picture and listen to this album, I think you'll share our tremendous appreciation of Frank's contribution to both.
By Dunham collaborated with DeVol on the words for "Love in the Country" and also wrote the words and music for the equally delightful "Just Right for Me."
In their first recording effort, Patrick Wayne, Stefanie Powers, and Jerry Van Dyke give the vocals such harmonious freshness that we're planning a quick repeat for the group.

Michael Wayne


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