The following information was found at the   UCLA Music Library Special Collections.
These are music sheets of film music, but I don't couldn't find any recording of these.


 * Emperor of the North  - "A man and a train", lyrics by Hal David, music by Frank Devol.
 * Hustle  -  Two tracks : "I never loved", love theme from Hustle, music by Frank  DeVol, lyrics by Hermine Hilton, and "Theme from Hustle", music by Frank DeVol.
 * Kiss Me Deadly  -  The blues from Kiss me deadly, "I'd rather have the blues", words and music by Frank DeVol.
 * My Three Sons  - Accordion solo, theme from the Fred Mac Murray TV program "My three sons", music by Frank De Vol, arranged by Pietro Deiro, Jr.
 * The Legend of Lylah Clare  - "Lylah", German lyrics by Sibylle Siegfried, English lyrics by Mack David, music by Frank De Vol.
 * The Longest Yard  - "Love knows the way", theme from the Paramount picture "The longest yard", words by Larry Kusik, music by Frank DeVol.
 * The Ride Back  -  "The ride back", words and music by Frank DeVol.
 * Whatever Happened to Baby Jane ?  - "I've written a letter to daddy", words and music by Frank Devol, arranged by Chris Langdon.

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